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IDEA ART – An Interior Design Fairytale...

Once upon a time, back in 1994, a young ambitious interior architect took the initiative of founding IDEA ART following a trail of success, starting from the 80’s when he was called in to work on a major palace in Abu Dhabi. The success story of this palace opened up opportunities to design and execute prestigious palaces for the royal families of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, and his clients lived happily ever after.

Over the last three decades, IDEA ART preserved its philosophy of creating bespoke projects by implementing an out-of-the-box thinking and creating designs that are exceptional without exception. This philosophy has served numerous of local and international clients expanding our presence and projects over the entire MENA region and Western Africa.

You want your wall to fly, we will make it fly!


Taking luxurious and elegant interiors to the next level

We blend style and function to create spectacular modern living spaces that elevate quality of life, use of space, and the way users interact with their surroundings. We achieve all these while staying true to your vision and ensuring a seamless design and build process, on-time project completion, and cost-effective implementation.

Our full-service design firm is one of the foremost interior design companies in Dubai, with a comprehensive range of end-to-end solutions that cover home and residential interior design, to commercial interior fit-outs and conceptual projects.


Connect with one of the leading design companies in Dubai

With a team of highly experienced and detail-oriented creative designers, we have the acuity and technical expertise to design luxury homes and villas, hotels, restaurants, resorts, boutiques, stores, offices, business centers and more. We also specialize in designing conceptual art, space planning, detailing and finishing, furniture and custom fit out solutions.

Our mission is to supplement our client’s vision with our in-depth understanding of interior architecture and design elements to arrive at an end result that supersedes our client’s expectations while making sure all their requirements are met with superior excellence.
Our company is esteemed in the industry for:

  • Following the highest industry standards and delivering brilliant results
  • Understanding your requirements and turning your vision to reality
  • Using best-in-class materials to produce high-end modern home interiors and commercial spaces
  • Providing the best price to quality ratio
  • Having the dynamic versatility to work on and maintain a diverse and extensive project portfolio
  • Executing elegant contemporary designs impeccably

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Residences & palaces
Corporate & Commercial



Key Players

Salah Jizi

Founder / Chairman

“The Godfather”

Ramzi Jizi

Managing Director

“The Optimistic Captain”

Darine Jabeili

Head of Design

“The Innovator”

Elias Soueidi

Head of Architecture & Engineering

” The Energizer “

Rana Mirza

Creative Director

“The Scale”

Dan Maurice Totaan

Senior Interior Architect

“Mr. Everywhere”

Daryl Kevin Tiglao

Senior Interior Architect

“The Focused one”

Kamel El Fawy

Head of Visualizations

“The Joker”

Karl Paulino

Interior Architect

“PAOwer! PAO!”

Neil Miguel

Interior Architect


Virgie Rosario

Executive Secretary

“The Principal”

Michelle ``KIM`` Aura Co

Executive Assistant